GAMERBOARD Transparent-Consim-Grid-Sheet

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Transparent Consim Grid

Ideal for Visualize game situation:

  • Combat Simuation (Consim)
  • Strategie Games with grid
  • Tabletop Games with grid

Transparent, hex or quadratic!
Hexagon and quadratic Grids

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Transparent-Consim-Grid-Sheet. Transparent grid for consim stategy games and tabletop-gaming Consim, grid, transparent, overlay, sheet, foil, hex gaming

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Transparent-Consim-Grid-Sheet Transparent-Consim-Grid-Sheet

Transparent Consim Grid Sheet

Transparent Foil With Grid for Combat Simulations

Consim Inch Grid


This GAMERBOARD was made by gamers for gamers. Ideal for all tabletop miniature games and roleplaying games (RPG).

For all roleplaying games (RPG), tabletop miniature and strategy games (consim/cosim).

Game Grid hexagon

Robust aluminium holding frame.

Insert transparent sheets, drawings and maps and clamp them with the holding frame. The holding frame prevents shifting of sheets and maps.

Magnetic whiteboard.

It keeps all magnet-pawns in place. Use the colored magnet buttons as game-pawns or glue neodym-magnets to the lower side of your own game-pawns.

Transparent sheet is writable.

The cover sheet is writable with whiteboard-markers.

Draw additional details on the maps without damaging the maps.

Writable transparent sheets with grids:

Various Hexagon-grids

and quadratic grids

and others. Put a grid over prefabricated maps or your own drawings. The transparent sheets protect the maps and are writable.

Magnet sets:

Colored magnet buttons, stackable, base diameter 10 mm, magnetic pawns, base diameter 12 mm, neodym-magnets, round, 6 mm diameter, 2 mm high and others.


grid hex gaming overlay Consim sheet transparent foil

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sheet grid overlay Consim hex gaming foil transparent

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hex gaming sheet transparent foil Consim grid overlay

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overlay foil sheet hex gaming Consim grid transparent

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Consim foil overlay transparent grid sheet hex gaming

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hex gaming sheet grid overlay Consim foil transparent

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Transparent-Consim-Grid-Sheet: Transparent Consim Grid Sheet Transparent Foil With Grid for Combat Simulations Consim Inch Grid. Transparent grid for consim stategy games and tabletop-gaming Consim, grid, transparent, overlay, sheet, foil, hex gaming


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